The Psychedelic Peer Support Line & Why We Need It

Hanifa Nayo Washington is an award winning cultural artivist and the Cultivator of Beloved Community for the Fireside Project, which aims to help people fulfill the potential of their psychedelic experiences by providing compassionate, accessible, and culturally responsive peer support, educating the public, and furthering psychedelic research. For 20+ years Hanifa has worked leading and developing community serving initiatives. Hanifa is the Principal Organizer & Co-Founding Practitioner of One Village Healing, a Connecticut based wellness and resilience initiative dedicated to creating spaces, gatherings, and programming, rooted in the values of the healing justice movement so all people can heal from the emotional, physical and spiritual impacts of systems of oppression. Hanifa is a certified Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master Practitioner and as a cultural artivist Hanifa views her creativity as a radical tool for inspiring liberation, healing, and community building.

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